“Circumstances create a man”

As usual, I’ve wasted my holidays and weekends away merely because I am lazy haha. Here are some photos and updates….


My friend gave me some cool and kick ass stickers and I’ve pasted some on my laptop and at the back of my iphone (refers to instagram picture). Stay Real is a taiwan and tokyo fashion by a Mayday band member and I really want a coke tee cause it’s real cute but I dont think any stores in Singapore actually carries them.. 😦


Stylenanda’s lipgloss that I’ve ordered from WJ and it’s really really really pretty!!! I am super impress and happy cause it gives my lips a great outline and it feels very mosturized instead of sticky and gross! For sure I will buy more of them in future and I hope YL RX and WQ will like them as much as I do too 🙂


I took a brisk walk earlier on (and got a huge blister), from my house to the back of kovan and then to serangoon and head home. I walked past our house-to-be and decided to took a photo of it for my dad to see the progress. It is in between on Kovan and Serangoon and surrounded by restaurants serving different cuisines and a bar is located just at the doorstep. I am excited! heheImage

Dad got me one lavender lotion for me to sleep better because recently he has been obsessed with aromatherapy. He splurg on the ceramic diffuser, lotions, body wish and even got a variety of essence oil for different moods (hahaha)


I’ve stumbled upon a chinese talk show called Money Week and I actually stayed up to watch it (most of the time I only watch TLC haha)! The main reason why I watched t is because the episode is about breads (I LOVE all kind of breads) and secondly because they interviewed the founder of Bread Talk-George Quek, about his road to success. What I’ve take away from the interview with George Quek was that there will always be failures on the way but it is the failures that you learn from. I am really impressed by him! I mean, lets be honest, very few Singapore brands have made their way overseas and Mr Quek not just made it overseas, but also, he managed to attract people from different culture and countries to enjoy chinese cuisine(din tai fung) and just bread. This feeling and amazement is so hard to be expressed in words… but all in all, I am really impressed and I’ll definitely learn from him!

If you are interested to watch the interview, the video is on Money Week’s facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=559746834085958 

I hope it will inspire you like how it did to me 🙂 and have a good Sunday ahead! 🙂



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