Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, the busy days are finally gone and self proclaimed holidays are here! Yippee haha actually it is study week but ain’t no body have time for that. 

Here are some pictures that can sum up the past days that I went missing… hhaha

ImageWeiqi bought her camera that day so we just randomly took a photo hahha. So pretty X



not sure if you can tell the wind is blowing through my hair and i snapped an expressionless photo #modelmaterialnot ? HAHAHAHAHA



Made Salmon burger (refer to previous post for receipe and instagram picture)





Crazy studying before a test cause I procrastinated like mad while I have the time and squeezed all my job to the last minute :(. Btw, hougang mall have a Starbucks now! YIPPEEEEE!! ^_^ Now I can choose between Bishan, NEX and Hougang! HAHAHHAHA






Image Made Parfait the other day(refer to instagram video)

Image I tried cooking Aglio Olio and I have no idea why it turned out orange. HAHAHAHAHHAHA maybe I added an extra ingrediant which I dont know of? hmm.


Yupp, my Air Jordans 4 came last night with my Style Nanda shoes! I wanna thank WJ for bringing them in for me and his dad for giving me such a good deal! 🙂 I am really happy with it!




Today is Grace’s birthday!! I am happy for her , this girlfriend of mine has been sticking around me for 13 years and look, she is 18 (you can guess how young we were when we met)!! Enjoy your night, girl hehe I’ll ask you out reallll soon ❤ Love you!


ImagePretty Polaroid film and polaroid from her 🙂


ImageWent to watch “Wolverine” with RX on Monday. It was a not bad movie but it didn’t take my breath away like Red 2(watch it last friday). Red 2 is a combination of action and humour and I LIKE IT!! I really like the movie especially all the characters and the action scenes. The storyline is witty and every part of the movie is full of plot twists (most movies only have them at the end). 



The Style Nanda shoes that WJ brought in to Singapore for me and I got it at a discounted price of 20+SGD. Thank you so much!!! I was really happy and excited to fetch him from the airport yesterday night hahahha! I dont even have to pay the shipping fee.




Dug them out cause they look real cool with my new Air Jordans! hehe 😛 I used to think they look Ah lian-ish but not anymore!




I am sorry for constantly flashing photos of it but oh my gosh!!! I am still excited to receive this baby!!! I paid for them myself ok……….please dont jump into conclusions….



Tuesday night- dinner with Chiew WanQi and Donald 🙂 I had 4 mutton satays hahaha and they are the most well presented satay I have ever seen in my life! It is served in this japanese try with the above displays and the taste (of both satay and sauce) is absolutely good as well 🙂

I think here are the few updates and regarding the ask.fm questions, haha i’ll just laugh it off as long as my conscious are clear! Have a good rest all you peeps and study hard 😛



Easiest and tastiest way to marinating a Salmon!

This is probably my favorite way to marinate my salmon. As you know, I love love love Salmon, and is a sucker for black pepper therefore I came up with this super hassle free salmon marinating recipe!

It is quick, simple, cheap, yummy and also super healthy!

Black Pepper Lemon Salmon


You will need:

-deboned salmon without skin

-lemon juice 

-black pepper

-soy sauce

(the amount is really up to you)


Step 1: Make cuts into the salmon but dont cut it fully (as seen from picture 2)

Step 2: Pile on the ingrediants as much as you wish and remember to rub it into the cuts.

Step 3: Repeat it to both sides. 

Step 4: Wrap it with a clig wrap and leave it in the refrigerator more than 4 hours (overnight will be the best).

This is probably the easiest for a tasty salmon receipe!

It is so quick and clean, no hassle and you can just spend approximately 5 minutes to marinate before you sleep. The next morning when you wake up, just pop the salmon into a pan and hear it sizzle. So healthy, full of natural oil and fats, you dont even need to add oil into the pan and yet every bite of the meat is full of flavor!

Hope this helps and you’ll try it out 🙂




“You want everyone to be comfortable, but others don’t seem to be as receptive as usual to your gracious gestures today. You may grow frustrated as you try all your tricks, but you still don’t seem to make any progress. Fortunately, you might just succeed if you stop trying so hard. Instead of attempting to appease others now, do what makes you happy. Leading by positive example works better than unrealistically believing that you can fix everything for everyone else.”


Time will tell

Hi everyone! Pardon me for the lack of updates, as I’ve mentioned in last week’s post, this week will be horribly busy with assignments and projects. 

But of course, me being me, I won’t be entirely working day to night for assignments. I took a few breaks here and there and managed to squeeze in some last minute work and hey, I’m left with warehouse management report and I’ll be done for the week! Achievement of the week: managed to complete the last 2/3 of the social psychology assignment within an hour. Cheers to me! 😛

I did some shopping on Monday to brush the word “stress” off my shoulders. Hehe and here is what I’ve got!



Some of them were on sales and the sandals are from Ruby. I finally got myself a black cardigen. hahaha



More FROYO for meeeee ^_^



I was happy to receive the card but guess what, there is a “JUST KIDDING” behind this card… T-T



Sailor moon’s cappucino I saw on my dashboard of Weibo!!! They are so unique and detailed, I would love to try them one day!


Photo taken yesterday, after our SCM presentation. We were super happy cause we worked hard together and the teacher sang praises about our presentation despite us exceeding the presentation timing allocated. Thank you Agnes, Kaeli, and Weiqi, you girls are the best and it was a pleasure working with y’all ^_^



Strawberry cheesecake at Fringe (BTP), super Yumzzz, I’ll go back again!



Squid Ink Prawn Aglio Olio , Creamy pumpkin soup and chunky french fries

A short catch up with Yeow Boon before he gets enlisted haha I cant wait to see him all botak and puffed up like a grown man(in a sense, bigger size). YB is still as annoying as ever but he treats me nice like a younger sister; he insisted on treating the meal today while I treat him back another time (deal!). I am fine with it but terribly ashamed of my glutton self for stuffing so much food into my mouth, including his share of pumpkin soup and the entire tub of french fries. Even the lord can’t save me now. Oh and I had a scoop of cookies and cream at island creamery later on too T-TImage


I managed to complete my last minute ISP assignment during Mr Low’s class and I’m proud of myself. After school, Weiqi and I stayed back to complete some parts of our warehouse report but of course we procrastinated as usual. Weiqi mentioned about coursemate S and C getting together and I went on to make fun of them. We were laughing so loudly in Ourspace that people were giving us that -____- face but we bitches ain’t giving two shit flying eff! We even came up with our own chinese idiom for it, which was later on rated as R21 >:) Jokes aside, I managed to finish a quuestion for the project, well done to myself. 

We went back pretty early because Weiqi has dinner at home and I am reluctant to be alone. We spent the bus ride talking and just merely catching up. I am really thankful for this girl although I am often annoyed by her extreme blurness during crucial hours (wayyyy worse than mine)! But at the end of the day, she is still the dearest minion ever. Muackssssxxxxxxooooxxxoooo! She has always been the one there for me when I am feeling down and needs advice. She is my sunflowerrrrr~~~~ ❤ ❤ HEEEHEEE 

Thats about it, I should get back on my report now…. 😦

Goodnight people, hang in there, it’ll be TGIF tomorrow!


Sidenote: There are always that few people that we will never allow ourselves to open up to probably because they will often not understand or maybe they are just not worth the while. Sometimes I wish I could better relate to people(not just friends and family) so that I wouldn’t have a hard time trying to explain myself and end up looking as if I am trying too hard for attention or just simply looking like an idiot. 

Sidenote_2: The sun is so bloody hot these days. I could feel myself BBQ-ing T_T

Sidenote_3: It is often the least important things that are bothering us the most. I have no idea who asked the question on Ask.fm but I want to find out what am I not good enough. I want to know why didn’t that anon label me as a hypocrite. She/he could simply put it that way but she didn’t. I want to know in what way am I different to her/him. Not because I want to try to please everyone around me and act like a stuck up bitch but because I just wanna know, maybe to make myself feel assured and provide an explaination? I dont know this dissonance that I am feeling but I am definitely not liking this feeling of unjust and unease.


Oh I had a peach today. I feel so special after eating it cause this peach was picked in China and my relative sent it over for us 🙂 One special peach indeed~~ Kekeke